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Personal Life & Career Coach

“The only ones who ever really achieve their dreams are those who have them.”

Dr. Frederick G. Elias

Setting Goals

When it comes to setting goals, believing that you can actually achieve them is the first step you can take. But understanding how to create ideal goals that are specific, relevant, and within our reach can be more difficult than it sounds.

Goals- Why are they Important?

Goals can help you build the framework for your organizational strategy going forward. They are crucial objectives that can help us refocus on the big picture, motivate us, and help orient us toward what is most important for success in the long run. Goals can be helpful to every aspect of our lives, but they can also seem like a burden if we do not create them properly in the first place.

Seminar on Setting Goals

This is Your Time.

The goal setting seminar taught by Dr. Frederick G. Elias will teach your employees how to:

  • Listen Actively
  • Set goals that are not only constructive but also fulfilling
  • Boost self-confidence & motivational skills
  • Create a plan for personal and professional success
  • Identify and phase out self-sabotaging behavior
  • Conquer the roadblocks to success

This seminar on setting goals can provide your workforce with a crucial set of tools to facilitate positive, personal changes that can carry over to all aspects of their life, at work and at home. Contact Dr. Frederick G. Elias at 1-805-708-7949 for more information

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