Emotional intelligence

For Over 35 years, Dr. Frederick G. Elias has helped shape people into leaders

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (also known as emotion quotient) refers to an individual’s ability to recognize the behaviors, impulses, and moods of others & to manage them accordingly. It includes three major skills: emotional awareness, ability to apply those emotions to problem-solving tasks, and emotional management. Awareness is one’s ability to identify their own emotions, and management is the ability to regulate those emotions.

Learn Emotional Intelligence Today

With over two and a half decades of experience in executive coaching, Dr. Frederick G. Elias has taught the foundations of emotional intelligence to thousands of professional groups and individuals seeking
personal growth. 

Benefits of the Emotional Intelligence Seminar

This seminar offers insights that can help individuals and organizations alike. By attending the seminar on emotional intelligence, you can improve your ability to:
-Empathize with the thoughts and feelings of others.
-Be self-aware, self-regulated, and self-motivated.
-Detect & navigate the emotions of others.
-Manage emotional cues & information to achieve harmonious communication.
-Create more effective relationships in your business and personal life.

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