Stress & Change Management

Managing Stress & Change at the Company Level

Corporate organizations see rapid and continuous changes that can interrupt the flow of good ideas and create stress for employees. Stress management skills can be taught, but not all modern companies offer the opportunity for their employees to learn these valuable techniques.

Benefits of Stress Management; let Dr. Frederick G. Elias tailor you for success.

Stress management offers personal and professional benefits to employees in your organizations. Some of these benefits include:

  • Less frequent headaches, illness, and difficulty concentrating.
  • Lessened frustration, mood swings, and insomnia.
  • Improved concentration, difficult decision making, and work productivity.
  • Improvements in anxiety, nervousness, and depressive characteristics.
  • More energy, less fatigue.
  • Fewer communication problems & less overall defensiveness.
  • Decreased tobacco, alcohol, and drug use.

Manage Stress At Work

Developing strategies for managing the stress & change in your life

How Managing Stress Can Help You

increase your joy and enthusiasm, help you understand problem-solving techniques that empower your workforce, and instill a solid foundation of self-confidence and determination in each of you.

How Does Stress Impact Life?

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Change & Stress Management Seminars

Decades of Experience

Dr. Frederick G. Elias has over 45 years of experience in coaching executives & companies in how to manage employee stress, relationships, and improving productivity

Proven Strategies

Dr. Fred teaches change and stress management seminars that provide companies with the strategies to:

  • Increase understanding of change & boost ability to take charge.
  • Remove professional or personal barriers such as fear & negative preconceptions.
  • Analyze how attitudes towards change affect the ability for change to happen.
  • Effectively reduce & manage stress.

Learn The Right Way

Learn how to master organizational change & manage the stress that may accompany it. This seminar can help you discover how to:

  • Inspire yourself and others to consistently accomplish tasks at peak performance levels.
  • Adjust lifelong behavior patterns that no longer help you.
  • Remove self-created obstructions, beliefs, and emotions that hinder your progress towards life goals & dreams.
  • Create and maintain healthy, loving relationships.
  • Condition your habits, emotions, and lifestyle for success.

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