Dr. frederick G. elias

Relationship Building & Communication!

Importance of Being Able to Communicate

Effective communication skills are key tools for solving problems in any relationship, personal or organizational. The ability to effectively convey and receive ideas helps to create a strong foundation upon which rich relationships can be built. Facilitating the development of teamwork skills in the workplace is essential for maximum performance.


Communication is a Two-Way Responsibility

Being a great communicator is not only about being able to confidently present your ideas in a concise manner but also to be able to listen to those from others. Without the ability to listen & find interest in what others have to say, it can be difficult to understand what the other party is trying to communicate & even more difficult to find the right response.
As an experienced executive coach, Dr. Frederick G. Elias can help workforces identify and develop critical communication skills that facilitate problem-solving, self-confidence, and self-determination.

Relationship Building

The process of learning how to properly interact with others helps us better appreciate our differences & and have healthier, more productive relationships in both our personal and professional lives.
Maintaining positive relationships in the workplace can create a professional environment that is more productive and enjoyable. Strong working relationships involve trust, respect, and effective communication between two individuals.

To build relationships that last, it is important to understand:
-Our personal strengths & motivations.
-How to identify and respect the values of those around you.
-How to grow our abilities to connect with others through constructive behaviors.

Are You Ready to move forward with confidence and determination?